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Our lab’s research is broadly divided into two categories: Optics and Nanofabrication

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Optics Research

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Phase Imaging

Digital Holographic Imaging

Transport of Intensity Imaging

TIE Tomography

Microscopy & Holography

Digital Scanned Laser Sheet Microscopy

Volume Holographic Imaging and Microscopy

Volume Holographic Transport of Intensity Imaging

Resonant Holography

Coherence in Holography


Computer Generated Holography

Iterative Nonlinear Beam Propagation

Compressive Imaging

X-Ray Phase Imaging

Subpixel Localization via Compressive Holography

Phase Space Optics

Phase Optics with Wigner Distribution Function

Compressive Phase-space Imaging

Nanofabrication Research

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Multifunctional Glass

PMMA Cantilever Folding

Nanostructured Sensors


Nanoparticle Self-Assembly

Nanostructured Origami Fabrication and Assembly

Mems-Enabled Integrated Photonics Systems


Thin film metamaterials

Invisibility Cloak

Nonlinear Luneburg Lens