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♦ 03/01/2013: Seongkeun Cho joined our group. He received his B.S from Seoul National University, M.A. from University of Rochester, and Ph.D. from University of Rochester.

♦ 11/2012: SMART Centre at Singapore moved from Block S16 to CREATE tower at University Town. New offices and lab spaces were set up.

♦ 10/2012: Disi A. and Renze Wang joined our group. Disi is from Georgia Tech, and Renze is from Peking University.

♦ 08/21/2012: Former group member, Baile Zhang, now assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University, was recognized by the MIT’s Technology Review as one of the top 35 young innovators in the world.

♦ 08/10/2012: Fire broke out at Bioengineering Building, National University of Singapore. Our lab space survived.

♦ 06/09/2012: Yi Liu received her Master’s degree.

♦ 05/18/2012: Former group member, Laura Waller, started her new journey as an assistant professor at University of California, Berkeley. She received her Doctoral degree while in our group, and continued as a postdoc at Princeton University, before she joined Berkeley.

♦ 04/26/2012: MIT News reported Hyungryul (Johnny) Choi’s recent work on M-glass (Multifunctional glass) – “Through a glass, clearly.” (Link)

♦ 11/03/2011: Lei Tian and his co-authors Justin Lee, Se Baek Oh and George Barbastathis (title of the paper: Compressive phase space tomography) won Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Competition at Frontiers in Optics 2011. (Link)

♦ 09/24/2011: Chih-hao Chang joined North Carolina State University (NCSU), Yuan Luo joined National Taiwan University (NTU), and Baile Zhang joined Nanyang Technological University (NTU), all as assistant professors.

♦ 09/12/2011: Baile Zhang gave a presentation on macroscopic cloak made from natural materials at Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) in Suzhou.

♦ 07/06/2011: MIT News reported Dr. Chih-hao Chang’s recent work on 3D nanolithography combining top-down and bottom-up approaches – “from two-dimensional colloidal self-assembly to three-dimensional nanolithography” (Link).

♦ 04/15/2011: Nick defended for his PhD degree and became Dr. Loomis. A fantastic American dinner was held afterward.

♦ 02/03/2011: Tony Nichol defended for his PhD degree and became Dr. Nichol. A fantastic Irish dinner was held afterward.

♦ 01/28/2011: Satoshi Takahashi defended for his PhD degree and became Dr. Takahashi. A fantastic sushi dinner was held afterward.

♦ 01/25/2011: Macroscopic invisibility cloak made by B. Zhang, Y. Luo, X. Liu and G. Barbastathis is on MIT homepage today, and has been reported by MIT News (Link). It has also been reported by Straits Times on Jan 22, 2011.

♦ 12/01/2010: Final project presentation of 2.717 Optical Engineering course was held at 1-246. Topics include optical cloak, Wigner distribution function, Hamiltonian ray tracing, tomography, and compressive sensing. Subject 2.717 was taught by Prof. George Barbastathis and Dr. Se Baek Oh.

♦ 11/24/2010: J. Lee held a wonderful group pre-Thanksgiving party, with delicious food, Wii and NBA.

♦ 11/17/2010: Mr. Thomas Farrell from xlight systems came to visit our group. A lab tour was held.

♦ 10/24/2010-10/28/2010: L. Waller, J. Petruccelli, L. Tian and H. Gao attended Frontiers in Optics 2010 at Rochester, NY. J. Petruccelli gave an invited talk on behalf of Prof. G. Barbastathis: “3-D Optics: From Diffractive to Subwavelength”. For other contributed oral presentations, please see ‘Publications’ section.